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ECITB-Approved Online Refresher Courses

Atlas Knowledge's Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) and Small-Bore Tubing (SBT) are the only ECITB approved online courses to provide the essential knowledge preparation for technical ECITB tests. They are designed to refresh experienced workers on their knowledge and understanding before they sit their technical test. Experienced workers applying directly to take their Stage 3 Technical Tests can use the online courses to update their knowledge. Individuals that need to re-validate their 3-year certification can also refresh their knowledge before undertaking their Stage 4 Reassessment. 



‘Atlas Knowledge has developed 4 ECITB-Approved MJI computer-based training courses aimed at existing workers who require refreshing or updating their knowledge before taking the ECITB Technical Tests.’ - ECITB


'Preventing Hydrocarbon Leaks'

Hydrocarbon releases are a key hazard for the offshore oil and gas industry. These releases can cause damage to people, plant, equipment, and company reputation.

In 2012 the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) collaborated with Step Change in Safety to introduce the MJI and SBT models to train and validate skills in these specialist areas.

‘The eLearning courses have been developed as an integral part of the ECITB/Step Change in Safety model’ - ECITB

​'Developed by Atlas, the course is designed to be a component of a larger suite of guidance, Step Change in Safety's Mechanical Joint Integrity - Route to Competence' - Step Change in Safety



“Widespread adoption of these competency standards across industry will play a vital role if we are to meet our target of a 50% hydrocarbon release reduction.” - Les Linklater, Team Leader at Step Change in Safety 


ECITB-approved providers have since trained over 14,000 workers and delivered 4,500 technical tests. Reassessment is required every 3 years; unsuccessful candidates are referred and must wait a minimum of 4 weeks until they can re-sit. This period is to allow for training to address any skills or knowledge gaps.

‘Existing workers may require refresher training on the knowledge aspects before undertaking the ECITB Technical Tests.’ - ECITB



Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) Online Refreshers

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70% of MJI referrals are due to unsuccessful knowledge tests. (Average of Combined TMJI10, 18 and 19 from June 2017 to March 2018)

The 4 MJI online refresher courses are derived from the 3 ECITB training standards and consist of six mandatory and three specialist modules on hydraulically torqued bolted connections, hydraulically tensioned bolted connections and hand torque bolted connections.

‘It provides onshore and offshore workers of varying experience with the underpinning knowledge to safely carry out specialist critical bolting work.’ - Step Change in Safety

The ECITB training standards cover isolations, dismantling techniques, inspection of components, alignment techniques and clamp connectors, as well as assembly and tightening techniques in specialist critical bolting.

The below table shows which refresher course is recommended by ECITB to prepare for the technical tests.



Small Bore Tubing (SBT) Online course

94% of SBT referrals are due to unsuccessful knowledge tests.

(Average of Combined TSBT02, 03 and 04 from June 2017 to March 2018)

The ECITB-approved online SBT refresher course is derived from the ECITB Small Bore Tubing technical training standards. It covers isolations, dismantling techniques, inspecting components, shape components, replacing components, installing and pressure-testing small bore tubing assemblies.



Grant support for ECITB registered employers

All the ECITB-approved online courses and technical tests are grant-aided for ECITB registered employers. This means that if your employer is on the ECITB register and you have proof of purchase, you are entitled to claim back the cost of the training.

Learn more about the ECITB training Levy and your nearest approved offshore Technical Test Centre.



Online Courses

The 4 MJI and SBT courses are available from Atlas Knowledge and can be completed at any time.

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